Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN

To be successful..

  • be caring and respectful of patients
  • be competent and accurate in your work
  • be emotionally stable – working with the sick and injured can be stressful
  • be able to follow orders and work under close supervision
  • be able to work with the health care team
  • act ethically and be legally accountable for your actions

What will my job be like..

In addition to providing basic bedside care, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) may also give injections and medications. They change dressings, evaluate patient needs, implement care plans, and supervise nursing assistants. In an office setting they may make appointments and keep patient records. In a home care setting, under the supervision of physicians and/or registered nurses, LPNs may instruct family members in nursing care.

Do I need a license or certification for this career

Licensure is required in the State of Connecticut. After completing the Practical Nurse program, graduates take a computerized state Practical Nurse examination.

Where can I get the education and/or Training?

Porter and Chester Institute, LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN

What is the salary for this career?

CT state income: $25000 - $35000

Where can I get more information?


NFLPN, National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses

3801 Lake Boone Trail, Suite 190

Raleigh, NC  27607


National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service, Inc.

2071 N. Bechtle Avenue, PMB 307

Springfield, OH  45504-1583


CT State Associations:

CT League for Nursing - CLN

Career job Bank


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