Education Mobility

The Connecticut Center for Nursing Workforce, Inc promotes a model for rapid advancement between educational levels, which in nursing is called Articulation. What is Articulation?

This is the process of how an individual moves between education levels in the most efficient and effective way. Articulation provides educational mobility in nursing. It is the process by which credit and/or advanced standing is granted by a nursing education program for work completed by the nurse in a lower level program.

Advanced placement options exist for LPNs who are pursuing an ADN or Diploma in preparation for an RN licensure, and for RNs who are pursuing a BSN. Advanced placement is achieved by the direct transfer of previously earned credits. Connecticut has established a voluntary statewide articulation plan for LPNs and RNs licensed in Connecticut based on the escrow model.

The escrow model provides for student’s transfer credits to be put in “escrow” until such time as prerequisite knowledge, skills and attitudes are evidenced by successful completion of the first nursing course.

For LPNs to participate in the LPN to RN articulation model, the LPN is required to successfully complete a 3-credit web-based “bridge course” following acceptance by the nursing school of their choice. In addition, after successful completion of the “bridge course” enroll in a 1-credit schoolspecific transition course prior to entering the ADN/Diploma program.

Nursing Degree Options

Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN
Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing - BS/BSN
Associate Degree in Science/Nursing - ADN
Accelerated Pre-Licensure Programs
RN to BS in Nursing/BSN Degree
Master’s Degree
Doctoral Degree