Associate Degree in Science - Nursing

Degree Option: Associate Degree in Science/Nursing - ADN

Program: RN

School: Gateway Community College

Program Length

Part Time: 24 months

Full Time: 24 months

Admission Requirements

Applicants seeking admission into the Connecticut Community College Nursing Program at GCC must file a CT-CCNP Nursing Application between November 1 through February 1. Additional information regarding admission requirements and the application process can be found at

# of General Education Courses: 30

# of Nursing Courses: 38

Website: Link to Gateway Community College Admissions Page


Phone: (203) 285-2010

Articulation Model: Yes

Advanced Placement: Yes

You need to be/have a:

New Student


Tuition & Financial Services

Cost per hour: $150

Tuition and Fees: Link to Gateway Community College Financial Aid Page

Financial Services Information

Website: Link to Gateway Community College Nursing Tuition Page


Phone: (203) 285-2030

Program Description

The Connecticut Community College Nursing Program participates in the Connecticut League for Nursing Articulation Model for LPNs. To be eligible for articulation the LPN must: Hold a current Connecticut Licensed Practical Nurse license. You are not eligible for LPN Advanced Placement if your license is not in good standing or you do not hold a current LPN license. Satisfy all the CT-CCNP admission requirements. Submit a CT-CCNP application and be admitted to the program (please note, the application process does not vary for LPN candidates). Once admitted, LPN candidates will be advised as to their placement within the CT-CCNP. Additional information regarding LPN Advanced Placement can be found at

Application Deadline

February 1st

Program Location

On-the-Ground Only

Campus Locations

Gateway Community College Campus
20 Church Street
New Haven, CT 06510